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Now time - 02:31 on November 19, 2020,

1. Image and masking

In the distant ages of the earth, the appearance of emotional world civilization, let alone painting, because we are mainly talking about today's electronic devices.The first of the old western cameras, the first practical daguerreotype was made in 1839 in Daguerre, France.Now in 2020, there are cameras, cameras, or computer video, face to face video, camera shooting.I'm not going to talk about this principle here, because the technology, the knowledge on the Internet is a huge amount of material to watch.From our point of view, a camera is very useful, until now, the streets are full of cameras.Not to be more specific, but what this camera captures -- everything is photographed as a shadow, not as a shadow.Special instruments can be used to mask the device that is not intended to be ingestion. At present, it is generally known that there are special materials that can be used to mask or use geometry to achieve the purpose of shifting the shape and shadow, forming in and out of the shape.Can not be directly achieved in the photography of an item directly disappeared or invalidation, when the only known can be disabled special items only signal jammer, this known item effect must be formed in the premise of the intrusion network system.Can not be directly formed under the premise of not into the system;Imagine 1. In the video, a person is wearing special clothes, and the video (video) cannot be shown.In the absence of system interference, the person cannot be seen directly.There is no bug, wrong - there is a bug, this bug will not be disclosed by the author;Good at finding

2. Human genes and editing codes

The authors think that at present a lot of technical beyond the age, the study found human genes data and PI facies is proportional, can take part to use, with simple facial recognition technology, it now has all kinds of holes, as emerging of choose and employ persons face recognition as a deposit (withdrawals - consumption), data, identification, you must first link of the country's largest chain of genetic data.Equal to above the top level identification, give up id.Directly using the unique data wheel of the human body across the ages, most of the human genes are the same.One of the parameters that can be collected is that everyone is different and needs to be technically breached. The previously mentioned positive comparison between human genes and PI is not complete. Compared with that, we can use part of it, which can be researched and used.Human genes and editing code (title) - This text keywords four words;Good at finding



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